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[sticky post] Locked [Jan. 15th, 2014|06:04 pm]
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mostly friends only

So, I'm kinda picky about whom I add. I like to add friends whom I can relate to on some level. Maybe we have something in common - that'd be cool, but it's not entirely necessary. I do not discriminate based on things like race, gender, sexuality, looks! I only judge by what music you listen to. JK, I'm not a total snob.

I have a little bit of stuff about myself written in my profile, and if I've added you, you can see my intro post for more info about me. To get a better idea of me, visit my tumblr?

Please comment here, maybe with how you found me? And a bit about yourself? All comments on this post are screened.

*What's written here, stays here.
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Mean People Suck [Jun. 3rd, 2016|02:53 pm]
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Being mean is not cool or punk. It's just sad and pathetic.
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Next Time I Do Karaoke... [Feb. 28th, 2016|01:05 am]
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Love how BritBrit snuck "F-U-C-K me" onto the radio... Brilliant.

What do you guys like to sing at karaoke??? Or don't you like to sing at karaoke?
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Moist [Feb. 25th, 2016|05:50 pm]
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This just sorta proved my point about the word "moist," and why everyone seems to hate it:

"Gross and upsetting"? I mean, I know it's supposed to be a joke and everything, but still - it's kind of a testament. It's a rather dumb joke though.

I think I should also add that in my opinion, "bro dawg" is far more upsetting than "moist"! Bro dawg? Bro. Dawg. Bro dawg... I mean, really???
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QOTD: Get Out That Dictionary! [Aug. 31st, 2015|07:16 am]
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What is your favorite word? Why is it so significant to you? How often do you use it?
My favorite word is MOIST, mostly because I've noticed that a lot of people (mostly women?) claim to hate that word. I think the reason for that must be because people relate it to female sexuality. We're basically told from puberty on that vaginas are smelly and gross. We are made to hate ourselves, it's a damn shame.

I don't use the word often, but I think I'm gonna start!

That chocolate cake was so moist!

And what about "moistie" as like, a female equivalent to a boner?

Man, those metal dudes I saw gave me a major moistie!

I have a lot of ~feelings about vulvas, and vaginas, and clitorises, and labia... Maybe I'll go into it in another post sometime... I'll write my own Vagina Monologues! Haha...
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QOTD: Bookmark It [Aug. 27th, 2015|12:23 pm]
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[Music |Witch - Hand Of Glory | Powered by Last.fm]

Do you have any books that you have been meaning to read, but just haven't gotten around to? What are they? How did you hear about them, and why do they interest you?
Well, I don't usually read (blame it on my lack of focus), but in theory, I'd kind of like to read the Lord of the Rings books. Which is totally unlike me actually, because I have historically hated fantasy crap... But something about how ~into it~ people get just makes me want to read those books! I mean, fuck... All those rock bands sing about LOTR! I mean, it must be kinda cool!!
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QOTD: The Sound of Childhood [Jul. 19th, 2015|05:51 am]
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If you could make a playlist of 20 songs that sound like your childhood, which songs would be on it? Why would you choose those particular songs?
Ok, it's gonna be really hard to limit this to just 20, because my childhood was filled with rad music (mostly thanks to my two older sisters). I'm gonna cap this at ~age 13.

  1. "Son of a Gun" - The Vaselines
  2. "Love Fool" - The Cardigans
  3. "Kandy Pop" - bis
  4. "Hollywood Swinging" - Kool & the Gang
  5. "Suggestions" - Small Factory
  6. "Sorted for E's & Wizz" - Pulp
  7. "Truck Train Tractor" - The Pastels
  8. "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen
  9. "Dig Me Out" - Sleater-Kinney
  10. "Trophy Girlfriend" - Heavenly
  11. "Live Forever" - Oasis
  12. "End of a Century" - Blur
  13. "Angeles" - Elliott Smith
  14. "Cut Your Hair" - Pavement
  15. "The Cabbage" - Teenage Fanclub
  16. "The New Pollution" - Beck
  17. "Today" - Smashing Pumpkins
  18. "Ping Pong" - Stereolab
  19. "Comanche" - The Revels
  20. "Strawberry Fields Forever" - The Beatles
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QOTD: On Top of the World [Jul. 2nd, 2015|06:08 am]
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What's the tallest building you've ever been to the top of? Did you ride the elevator or take the stairs the whole way? Was there anything interesting at the top (dining room, etc)?
Space needle, HELLO!! But only because my roomie at the time worked there. Otherwise you have to pay, and fuck that.

Anyway, John and I went up, and they took like a commemorative photo of us and everything! I still have the photo somewhere. It was really cool getting to look at the city from up above... And it rotates, which is cool.

[Edit: OMG the St. Louis arch is actually taller than the space needle! I guess there's your answer. I grew up in StL, but didn't go up in the arch until recently-ish (2008) my dad took me when I was in town! Well, I fucked up that QOTD!]
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QOTD: The Country of War Drobe [Jun. 20th, 2015|10:16 pm]
[Tags|, ]

If you were exiled, what country would you choose as your new home?
Canada, in order to be close to my family. But without taking family into account, I'd probably go to Australia. Just seems like it'd be a neat place to live. Beautiful, with koala bears and shit.
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QOTD: Dreams, Dreams, What Did You Dream? [Jun. 16th, 2015|05:23 am]
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Have you ever had a hilarious dream? What was the dream about and what happened in it? Was it based on something that happened in real life, or did your mind just create it from scratch?
Ok, this is a good one!

Just the other night I had a dream that I had a boyfriend named Kevin (yeah, idk), and I guess we broke up, and at one point I remember calling him "Kevin cunt-face"!

I had a good laugh about that one the next morning!
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